God Broke Through


“Change is Possible” – Adventist Northwest Growing Young Cohort. Pastor Dustin Serns shares the story of growth, change, and hope that is taking place at the Port Orchard Seventh-day Adventist Church in the North Pacific Union. Through God’s leading this church is on journey from surviving to thriving. This “growing young” story can be the story of every church. Change is possible.

Discussion Questions

  • What evidence do you see that our congregation makes prioritizing young people everywhere a reality?
  • In what ways are young people given “load-bearing roles” in our church? What could we do to inspire more of a sense that our church needs the gifts young people
    uniquely bring?
  • How supported do parents and caregivers feel in our congregation? What might it look like to increase that support?
  • The research found that when it comes to practices that support our congregation growing young, our intentionality trumps what we say is important, and our actual participation trumps both importance and intentionality. What are the ways we put prioritization of young people into action? What are the areas where we may talk about the importance of young people, but often fail to act?

The Adventist Northwest Growing Young Cohort is a learning journey for cultural change, in order to create thriving churches for all generations, while helping churches grow young by reaching, loving, and empowering youth and young adults more effectively.

*Discussion questions from Growing Young Church Discussion Guide




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